Quiromasaje Facial

Quiromasaje facial

The Facial Massage is a pertaining technician to the area of the Naturopatía Aesthetic socially known like natural therapy or alternative therapy.

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The Facial Massage by means of the blood stimulation and of the oxygenation of the tissues of the face, contributes to improve the tonificación muscular of the same. The facial muscles purchase firmness and redefines like this the oval. They are especially beneficial to relax the muscles of the face of the tensions of the day in day out averting, especially, the apparition of stock exchanges, spectacles and of the antiestéticos grooves of expression from the nose to the commissures of the mouth.


Feeling of welfare.
It improves the tone and the cutaneous appearance.
It favours the circulation, so much blood like lymphatic.
It relaxes the muscles.
It warns the aging.


The Facial Massage consists in making movements applied of superficial or deep form, depending of the case, to obtain profits like the relaxation, the improvement of the state of the skin, the activation of the circulation, the tonicidad muscular, etc.
The Facial Massage is one of the technical naturopáticas used with more frequency and with more success in the aesthetic treatments because it achieves, of form totally natural, the effects wished, contributing to the general welfare and to reactivate the natural beauty.

The Facial Massages have effects relajantes and tonificantes and are especially indicated to relax the tensions that reflect in the face, tonificando the muscles and helping to redefine the oval of the face, achieving like this a more luminous face, firmer and younger.

The Facial Massage consists in frictions, pressures, pellizcos, punteados, caresses, malmeteos and amasamientos made with the hands on the skin of the collar and the face. The manoeuvres that make will depend on the effects that pretend obtain: relaxation, sedative, analgesic, reactivador of the circulation, tonificante, stimulating, remodelante, etc.

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