Reflexology podal

Reflexología podal

Considered like a branch of the acupuncture, that looks for to balance the vital energy or Qi of the person along his canals of energy or meridians.

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The reflexology podal comes being practised from 5.000 years ago, according to the hypothesis of main acceptance. His origin would be in the medicine and is considered like a branch of the acupuncture, that looks for to balance the vital energy or Qi of the person along his canals of energy or meridians. The first treaties taoístas describe how originated in narrow relation to the a lot of traditional practices of health of the Chinese village. The reflexology podal, also practised it hindús and Egyptian (of which exist pictograms of 2.500 to 2.330 to. Of n. And.). They exist, to his time, evidences in the ancient civilisations of the American continent, being known by Mayas, Incas, native of North America and even, by villages like the Mapuche.
Our feet possess connection with all the vital organs of our body. The plant of the foot, and the foot in his set, represents in shape schematic the whole of the body and his organs. This is the principle of the reflexology podal. In this part of our anatomy exist at all less than some 7.200 nervous terminations. In her, by means of the massage can influence to way reflect on the corresponding organs and vísceras, apart from the importance diagnóstica that has.
The reflexology podal Chinese acts like an excellent preventive system of illnesses, in addition to being an inmejorable relajante, since it balances the vital energy of the organism.
Like the word says it, the Reflexology is based in the charitable utilisation of the reflections that produce the massages. These constitute an organic response that takes place in an area moved away, sometimes very distant, of that that it was stimulated.
This is due to that these points of the feet constitute roads or nervous and energetic canals, that connect to these points of the feet with all the parts of our body; therefore, to the masajearlos of a specific way, stimulates the work of glands, organs and muscles.
The stimuli that make the therapists are applied by means of the toes thumb and index. The stimulus is driven through nervous and energetic canals lodged in the interior of our organism that cause the effect wished.
The Reflexology serves, therefore, to treat and warn disorders or illnesses; but, also, to supply welfare and relaxation.
The sessions have a length that can range among 40 and 50 minutes. The maximum time that recommends for the stimulus reflexológico in each foot is of 20 minutes, according to the sensibility of the patient and his evolution. The ideal frequency to make this therapy is of 2 sessions by week or of 1 weekly session like minimum to begin.
The Reflexology podal Chinese help to reestablish the natural flow of the body, releasing toxins, relieving a lot of unrests (aches of back, head and grind) and slight problems like sleeplessness, irregularities menstruales and digestive disorders, stress, tension, asthma, arthritis, anxiety and fault of energy in general, among many other annoyances.
Besides, the stimulation of the points reflections allows the release of endorfinas (similar to the acupuncture),that are compound chemists that produce in the brain and that have the property to be analgesic similar to the morphine and his derivatives. They generate of a substance to the gland pituitaria and are related with the control of the endocrine system (glands that produce hormones). - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat