Dietary, Nutrition and Dietoterapia

Dietética, Nutrición y Dietoterapia

It is possible to use what eat to warn or cure illnesses.

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Dietetica, Nutrition and Dietoterapia.

QUIROMET Offers you Therapeutic Diets from a criterion Naturista.

The dietary is the science that studies the relation among the diet, health and welfare, defines the alimentary guideline to be followed to enjoy of a correct state of health.
The dietoterapia is the science of the health that uses only the foods for his therapeutic ends.
Know what  contribute the nutrients and the needs of the organism is fundamental to be able to establish which is the most adapted diet for each person.

It is possible to use what eat to warn or cure illnesses.
Each food contains different substances and properties, whose proportion determines the healthy balance of the organism.

The Dietoterapia is the therapy that bases in the prevention and curing of the illnesses or the elimination of his symptoms, through the foods that ingerimos or those that delete of the diet.

Some Illnesses related with the Nutrition that treats the Dietoterapia:
Diabetes, Obesity, Flu and Colds, Depression, Anxiety, Asthma, Dermatitis, Allergic Eczema, 
Arterial hypertension, Hipercolesterolemia, Varices, Risk of thrombosis, Osteoporosis, Artrosis, Arthritis. Gastritis, Ulcers, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Gases, Colitis Ulcerosa, Illness of Crohn, Diverticulosis, Drop,  Sinusitis, Amigdalitis, hepatic Illnesses and of the Gall bladder, renal Insufficiency, Calculations of oxalato and phosphate-calcic, Allergies and alimentary Intolerances, etc.            

The pathologies can associate to the deficit of nutrients, to unbalanced diets by excess of some nutrients and finally, can  present   alterations  in which it has to restrict some nutrient.

The DIETOTERAPIA in addition to  being a  discipline curativa,  (is a form of life)  if we take care what eat, will spend a healthier life.
The nature has been pródiga with us that has provided it to us all and that only need
Take care it and take benefit of her to live a more full and happy life.

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