Osteopatia Structural

Osteopatia Estructural

The Osteopatía Structural is one of the pillars in which it bases the medicine Osteopática.

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The osteopatía is one of the branches of the physiotherapy (to avert generate conflicts would like me specify that in other countries as EE.UU constitutes an independent discipline of any therapeutic, but in Spain is a speciality of the physiotherapy) with main peak in the last decade thanks to that provides to the professional a global approach of the health, the illness and the treatment of the pathologies of the device locomotor with a cast that technical, manoeuvres and ways of boarding so wide like effective.
Inside the manual therapy osteopática, exist three big pillars of which sustenta the same, to know: Osteopatía structural, Osteopatía cranial and Osteopatía visceral
We speak of the Osteopatía Structural  
The Osteopatía Structural is one of the pillars in which it bases the medicine osteopática, and consists in the diagnostic and treatment of the dysfunctions of the system muscle-skeletal. It would like me highlight what IS not osteopatía. All know to the osteópata by crujir the bones, some even speak to reposition, or put in his place. This concept have to change it.
The crujidos, or thrust (technicians of tall speed and short amplitude) are only one of the technicians of intervention of the structural therapist. In any moment when we hear crujir are putting at all in his place. 
Crujir The collar does not go us to leave paralíticos. It has  infundido a lot of fear regarding the cervical manipulations. As any technician in Osteopatia , is necessary to do a differential diagnostic, descartando possible contraindications to the treatment. If at all contraindica the treatment, and the technical makes it a qualified professional and experienced in the matter, DOES not EXIST WATERING. They exist a lot of test ortopédicos, manual tests, diagnostics of image , personal antecedents,etc for descartar contraindications to the treatment. Here it resides the importance of the diagnostic in Osteopatia. 
Bases of the Osteopatía Structural
The osteopatía structural bases in four basic laws:
The unit of the body
The structure governs the function
The principle of autorregulación of the body
The law of the artery
We split from the premise that in osteopatía all establishes through hiper and hipomovilidades, or what is the same, zones that move and zones that do not move . Those that if they do it, are the zones where will appear the symptoms, for example a cervical ache. The zones hipomóviles, or what is the same, those that DO not MOVE , are zones that generally do not are used to ocasionar symptoms, and  that constitute the root of the problem of the patient. We put the most common example to explain this. If in a company there are fifteen workers, and four of them do not do at all, the rest assume the work of these four, by what will begin to complain  if it prolongs in the time. The solution is not to cure to which work a lot, but do that the four that do not work set.
Which are the technical osteopáticas?
As we have mentioned previously, the thrust (technicians of tall speed and short amplitude, or famous crujidos),are one of the technicians with which counts the therapist. If this technician is contraindicaca or simply the patient does not want that it do him , have a lot of other technicians, eat:
Estiramientos Muscular and facial
Technicians of pumping for the ligaments and articular capsules
Technicians of muscular energy
Functional technicians
Technicians of inhibition of the point muscular triggers
Spray and stretching.
The osteopatía structural is a therapeutic discipline very effective in the boarding of the dysfunctions muscle-skeletal, and helps us to treat a lot of pathologies like lumbalgias, ciatalgias, muscular contractures, vertigos, seasicknesses, cefaleas tensional, and a long etcetera. 
The osteopatía presents 3 big pillars: Osteopatía structural, Osteopatía cranial and osteopatía structural
In the case of the osteopatía structural, this centres in the treatment and diagnose of the musculoskeletal dysfunctions. 
The osteopatía contemplates 4 basic laws and from them establish the parameters of evaluation and treatment 
The osteopatía contemplates diverse technicians to carry his treatment and achieve of successful way and integral the rehabilitation of the patient and avert possible relapses. 
The osteopatía structural results very effective in cases eat: lumbalgias, ciatalgias, muscular contractures, vertigos, seasicknesses, cefaleas tensional and an endless of pathologies of origin skeletal muscle. Of welfare.

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