It is an alternative or complementary therapy of energetic type. The therapist through his hands, pipes the energy to the body of receptor.

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When it hurts us something, the stomach or one grind, automatically spend us the hand to this place as if the simple contact relieved us the ache. Of natural form, without darse us, apply the foundation of the reiki, a therapy milenaria Japanese for sanar through the hands that every time have more follower in Europe. The people that practise it ensure that it is amazing how works and many affirm that it has changed his life. Even the conventional medicine, always skeptical in front of this type of alternative technicians, already has begun to impart it in hospitals.

The reiki, that in Japanese means 'universal energy', consists in piping through the hands a powerful source of vibration, that is was, to one same or to other people to cure physical illnesses or sanar emotions.

Although this practice to pipe energy has more than 3.000 years of antiquity, fell almost in the forget until it was rescued in 1920 by the doctor Usui, a monk and Japanese chair to the that considers the first master reiki.

To the equal that the acupuncture or the shiatsu, this technical part of a very simple thesis: that the human being is "all energy", affirmation that although it looks very esoteric shares appearances with the quantum physics. The reiki sustains that when the energy blocks , by any circumstance, is when it produces an illness. The imposición of the hands in the zone enquistada, where the energy has remained taponada, serves to dissolve this 'knot' that prevents that the energy flow and like this give the balance to the organism.

It augments the vital energy, help to recover the natural skill of the body for sanarse, help to delete toxins, contributes relaxation, reduces the stress helps in our spiritual development, help to combat the sleeplessness, give the physical balance, mental and emotional, duplicates the profits of other therapies. 

REIKI Advises stops:
Stress, sleeplessness,  anxiety, chronic aches (fibromialgia, migraines, artrosis,..) Personal and spiritual growth. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat